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Me, Myself, and I

My name is Graham Gerken, and I'm the last in a long line of Gerken's to bear this proud Prussian family name. I'm equally proud to be a representative of Oliver and Associates, one of the finest Real Estate Brokerages in this fair city. Over the years I have been what my Father would call a "jack of all trades." My career has spanned self employment as a building contractor and home renovator, a plant manager, a Purchase Agent for a major multi-national, a Purchase Manager, the establisher of a successful travel magazine, and being a licensed Private Investigator a number of times, to name a few. These aren't all by any means; just the ones that I'll admit to.

Presently I'm a successful Realtor, and have been for twelve years. They say that to be absolutely successful at a job you have to love it, and this is the secret of my success, I absolutely love my chosen profession. Many of the things that I have done in the past have added to my success in the present. I am the culmination of all of the experiences of my life. I'm very knowledgeable about home construction, so that very little escapes me when I walk into a home for the first time. I can size up a house in a heartbeat.

My years of experience as a negotiator, dealing with multi-million dollar contracts have stood me in good standing with my clients. When looking out for their interests when dealing with "offers of purchase and sale", I'm exacting. Also, if nothing else, I'm a tough negotiator. I've been awarded a professional designation as an Accredited Buyer Representative, and I hope to use this training to enhance my ability to help my clients, buying and selling.

The years I spent as a Private Investigator have taught me patience, and given me the ability to be relentless in my pursuits. When I set my mind to a task, it will be completed to the best of my abilities. Always!

All in all, I suppose the purpose of this exercise is to familiarize people with me as a person and a professional. I hope to have you understand that as your Realtor, and you as my client, your hopes and aspirations, your goals and dreams are of paramount importance to me. That's my Job.


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