Testimonials, Thoughts and Referals

"Your patience, your time and effort, and all you did to make owning my first home a reality, your kindness and your professionalism was so very much appreciated"
Carolyn Martinelli

“We started working with Graham almost a year in advance of our planned move, while waiting for the transfer of my husband. He kept us current and informed of the London housing market, as we lived approximately (2) hours away. Over the months when the job situation was uncertain, Graham was still working to help us narrow down our choices. We met with him several times to see houses and always found him to be a wealth of information regarding not only the real estate market, but additionally about local builders, neighbourhoods, etc. We always felt that he was not just helping us buy a house, but was helping us pick our new home, and everything that went along with it -right location, close to amenities, schools, etc.-, along with making our children feel like a big part of the decision making process. Graham is about more than just the sale.

When we arrived in London the day after closing, Graham met us at the door of our new home to present us with the keys, and to welcome us to London. He has followed up with us on several occasions since our home closed to make sure everything was going smoothly, and to assist in our transition to a new city.

We have made several moves during our marriage, and we would most certainly say that Graham is the BEST Real Estate Agent that we have ever worked with. We would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks for everything Graham.”
Kerri, Curt, Sara and Amanda Haney

"Graham was referred to me by my daughter and son-in-law, because of the excellent experience they had with the purchase of their first home.... his expertise and great knowledge made this terrifying experience an enjoyable and worthwhile move for me... I would highly recommend Graham to anyone who is purchasing or selling their home as I found him trustworthy and knowledgeable"
Jane O'Regan

"I contacted Graham from a referal, and discovered him to be very knowledgeable, polite and professional... because of the advertising, the house sold remarkably quick, and for full value... I used Graham for the purchase of my present Condo and because he listened and understood my needs, we were able to find the perfect and affordable place with the second listing we viewed.... I was very pleased and impressed with Graham as my realtor and have not hesitated to recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks again Graham!!"
Tracey Eden

On value...
"The oats going into the horse are usually a little more expensive than the oats coming out of the horse.
Son, you get what you pay for in this life."
Sidney Gerken

"Graham sold the house for the right price without confusion and delays …. thank you for your dedication, expertise and professional skills, and for all of the extras which made the sale go so smoothly."
Helen Luczak

On quality…
"The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten"

"I was a first time home buyer and Graham made the experience stress free and a lot of fun searching for the perfect place…. he's knowledgeable and experienced in all stages of purchasing a home. He's a hard worker, a go-getter, and won't stop until he can get you the best deal. He knows how to make a deal comfortable for the purchaser, and the seller. Graham worked hard for me and I'm happy with my first purchase as a home owner"
Dionne Knight

"Thank you Graham for all your hard work and dedication. Your perseverance and significant knowledge was all worth it in the end. Thank you for caring and putting my best interests first. If I ever hear of anyone who is looking for a real estate agent, I would definitely recommend you and let everyone know what an excellent job you did for me. I am very happy with the deal I got on my house, and I know it may not have been possible without all your help."
Laurie Miceli

".... Graham was referred through a relative. Graham's professionalism, knowledge and dedication made buying a home a reality that I didn't think was possible. Greatly appreciated Graham, my Realtor, my friend..."
Helen Banasiak

"In the course of negotiations for the sale of our family home, Graham was able to take control of a bad situation, putting a deal together, and allowing us to proceed with the purchase of our dream home from our selected builder… he was able to pull it all together, even under intense pressure and a very tight schedule..."
Geza and Marianna Szehdofi

On stubbornnes…
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result."
Albert Einstein

"Just a short note to thank you for your expertise in selling our condo and purchasing the new home. After my husband passed away, and I decided to sell the house, you were there again, giving your all. Both the condo, and the house sold within the week, and I'm sure that was due to your "dedication to your client". Having sold Real Estate many years ago, ethics were very important to me, and I saw in you that same quality when dealing with me. Continued success to you."
Marlyn O'Flynn

" ...as first time home buyers, the prospect of purchasing a home was a little overwhelming. We met Graham and immediately found ourselves comfortable with his common sense approach to the real estate market. He seemed to have an innate sense of what we were really looking for in a home, and within a short period managed to find several options for us to consider... we fell in love with the first house that Graham presented to us,and wound up purchasing it within a few short and painless days... Graham has become more than just our agent over the last couple of years, and more our friend."
Deanna and Chris Watt

"I am writing to thank you once again for acting as my Realtor in the sale of my home and in finding me a new one. The sale of my home was a rather daunting endeavour with several unforeseen obstacles and challenges, all of which were met and overcome quickly and professionally. You maintained constant contact, keeping me informed and up-to-date almost daily. You educated me and advised me but never tried to take control of the decision-making. You gave me the respect and the attention that I deserve as a client and as an individual. You more than earned my respect and admiration as a Realtor and as a person. Your character and mannerisms exude your professionalism, expertise and ethics as a Realtor.
For all this and much more, I thank you."
A. James Barron

"We were buying our first home and had an idea of what we wanted, but weren’t sure how to go about getting it. Graham was dedicated to helping us find our dream house, and was able to answer all of our questions knowledgeably. He listened to our description of what characteristics of a home were important to us, and took us to view some that weren’t on our original list. Most telling of his dedication was that he set aside personal commitments in order to incorporate our tight schedule. We would recommend Graham’s friendly and knowledgeable services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the London area."
Darryl Keen and Myfanwy Smith

"Just a few words to mention Grahams enthusiasm, organization, and thoughtfulness, while he put together the deal… helping us find the right home at the right price… he really knows his business… with a smile we appreciated, and a friendly polite and courteous manner, he aimed for, and made the journey for our house search easy and achievable."
Rajesh and Kiran Jhangiani

"Although we have only known Graham a relatively short period of time, his approach has always been one of 'inform and guide the client' while protecting them from themselves. At each step of the process he asked the same question over and over, 'are you sure this is what you want?' Lets face it; most of us are unwilling to hear the truth when it comes to our 'Dream Home'. With Graham's help you can rest assured that he will never let you hurt yourself… when making bad decisions that could cause you grief later on. At this point all that is left to say is 'Thanks Graham, you did your job'. None of this could have been possible without a lot of hard work from you. We have the house we wanted for the price we wanted."
Belmiro Liberato and Allison Southern

On Dreams...
"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not, but remember that what you now have was once amongst the things only hoped for."

"Graham was obviously my parent's first choice to represent me for the purchase of my condo in London ….he knew all of the 'ins and outs', accommodating me in my final decision, and achieved a price well below what it was listed for…he was able to set me up with luxury in the heart of downtown London…Graham will definitely be my first choice to represent me when it comes time for any further decisions in Real Estate."
Courttney Cameron

"Graham went the 'extra mile' in dealing with us as Sellers for our property in Port Franks. It was a very difficult sale and probably wouldn't have sold for the price that it did, during the time of season that it went on the market, without Graham's diligence and hard work. Graham will be recommended by us to anyone and everyone we know who needs Real Estate assistance."
Phyllis and Marshall Smith

On FREE Things....
"When you get something for nothing, you just haven't been billed for it yet."
Chinese Fortune Cookie

“Graham always went out of his way to work with our difficult schedules, last minute “look sees” at houses, and late calls at night to schedule more viewings. He answered all questions, and if he didn’t know, he directed us to the right answer. He went “above and beyond” when we ran into insurance issues, and came up with the solution and Insurer at the last moment to allow us to get our home. His knowledge and honesty helped us make a better decision when it came to, not only our present, but also our future home needs. He truly went out of his way on so many levels to make sure we got our dream. Graham is a Real Estate agent that truly works his hardest for you, and with you, and we would recommend him with highest regards. You cannot get any better than him. Thank you for all the work you did for us; new home owners, thanks to you.”
Shannon and Melynda

“Graham helped us purchase our first home together (4) years ago…. but eventually it came time for us to make some changes, and this time purchase a Condo…. he was incredibly dedicated…. he was diligent and was always available to us to answer any question we had. Graham provided invaluable assistance and tips, as this was our first time selling, even to rolling up his sleeves to help us paint! How amazing is that! Thank you so much for everything, we’ve never been happier in our new place.”
Chris and Deanna Watt

“Having Graham as our Real Estate agent was like having a friend guide us through the process. As first time buyers, we were in need of a lot of advice, and he really got to know us, and what we needed in a home. We would highly recommend Graham to anyone who wants a knowledgeable and personable agent that you know you can trust.”
Angela and David Sorokan

“… Graham kept having Open Houses every Sunday, advertising, putting out the good word. The many different, helpful tips he offered about how to prepare our property for sale eventually worked. After two Buyers offers failed, (through no fault of Graham’s), he put together a deal that we were happy with. We are now moving to where we want to be, our own new Condo, which he also helped locate and purchase. If we had tried to sell our home ourselves, only God knows what the result would have been.”
Marlene and Ken Fucile

“As a young couple my wife and I had experienced difficulty getting real estate agents to take us seriously. The whole affair was becoming very frustrating until we met Graham. He was very informative, as this was our first experience in the real estate market, and we really appreciated his “no nonsense” attitude. He helped us find a home that suited all our needs and got us the price that met our budget. We will definitely be using Graham when it comes time to move up”.
Nathan and Christina Vaessen

“Graham Gerken was recommended to us by another Realtor as one of the most motivated sales agents in the London area. This was proven to us on more than one occasion by his unfailing effort and diligence, doing everything in his power to market our home, keeping us fully updated at every opportunity, and finally selling our Condo in a matter of weeks for a price that we were happy with. Thanks again Graham”.
Irene and Vince M’Keown

“I recently sold a condo through Graham and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly it sold (one week). I was especially pleased with Graham's approach to the deal, even helping me with a Landlord/Tenant issue I was dealing with in regards to the property. He really got things done in a smooth, professional manner and I would recommend him to anyone who wants things done right. Put Graham on the job”.
Charlene Aquilina

“…Graham came highly recommended, through a close relative… buying a home can be very stressful and discouraging, but I’m here to tell you that using Graham as your Realtor with his professionalism, knowledge and dedication will help alleviate your worries about buying that new place…he’ll make your dream a reality.”
Henry Banasiak

“Using Graham as my Realtor helped expedite the sale of my home for every penny that I expected….he was professional, pleasant and I knew that I could count on him to stand behind me throughout the entire deal… he’s very loyal…his advise was infallible and spot on when things started getting a bit rough, but we came through the whole thing in great shape. This is my second time with Graham, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go with him again.”
David Leslie

“Graham endured a long a very long and “very particular” search for us as first time home buyers… we had hoped to achieve a lot in our first home. We found Graham to be a highly efficient, quick-acting Realtor who really went out of his way to take us to viewing, often on extremely short notice. We appreciated the time he took with us and felt comfortable with his guidance and advice while we searched. Thanks to him we ended up with a great house that was really “US”.
Mike and Leslie Robinson

“When I decided to sell my home that I had lived in for (50) years, I chose Graham to help me. I found him to be very helpful, honest, and fair in what he charged me...I would recommend his services to anyone with a similar need. I’m 79 years old and I found him to be someone I could trust…. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for his help again”.
June Marie Eckardt

“I was looking for investment property and with Graham’s guidance I was able to purchase a property best suited for my needs. Graham is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate. He’s professional, prompt, and is always available and willing to respond to my requests. I would highly recommend Graham to anyone looking for real estate, especially a first time buyer.”
Al Dashford

“Graham’s expertise and great people skills made for a completely satisfying experience for us… his genuine care and concern for his clients was evident throughout our daily dealing with him…we have no hesitation to recommend Graham to friends and family. We are confident that they too would enjoy a very comfortable experience with his guidance… Graham leaves no stone unturned – superb organizational skills!

We felt that Graham’s broad range of professional experience brought additional value to the service he performed for us. His wide ranging knowledge in many areas outside of real estate was a real benefit to us.

When in the market to upgrade to a new home, we will not hesitate to contact Graham again.”
Julie Bentley and John Ponikvar

“Graham is an honest, dedicated and a competent realtor. For us, finding a home in London was a quite difficult task, but Graham made everything so easy and get-going that we didn't have a second thought making my final decision. We are really impressed by the way, he deal with his clients. His knowledge are professional skills are commenable. Thank you Graham for your profound sincere guidance and being with us all the time till the completion of the deal. You are a wonderful person and a trustworthy friend.”
Irfan and Farah Khawaja

On Competence....
“Competence, like Truth, Beauty and Contact Lens, is in the eye of the Beholder.”
Lawrence J. Peter
Author of the Peter Principal

“Graham, we would like to thank you for all your time, effort and advice that you’ve given us. You’ve helped us reach our dream of owning our own home.”

Many thanks
Kristin Dillman and Serge Champion

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